About Us

We love making and enjoying great food and our pursuit of that simple joy led to the creation of KC Peaches.

As the first and only whole foods catering company in Dublin, we hope to share our healthy, fresh fare and encourage our customers to eat and live well.

KC Peaches was founded in 2006 by Katie Cantwell, who traded
in a career in corporate consulting, to pursue something a little sweeter in Dublin. With a passion for food developed in her native Seattle, she yearned to bring natural, flavourful food to the masses.

Vincent Carroll, the other brain behind the operation, is a Dublin native, fellow foodie and serves as our west coast taste barometer.

We strive to tantalise taste buds and change the way you think about food. If we don’t succeed, or you have some great insight to help us, let us know using this form→. 

The Kitchen

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